The term cyclonic refers to the direction of air flow… Not the efficiency or cleaning ability of the system (the power unit).

The cyclonic action of air flow deposits heavy particles into the collection bin for later disposal but the fine dust particles and lint can impregnate beyond the filter/s and through to the motor thus damaging it over time. For this reason it is imperative to clean vacuum filters regularly; Once for every 2 — 3 times the dirt canister is emptied (rule of thumb).

Unfortunately many people are led to believe that the filter in cyclonic systems are self cleaning, therefore home owners/ tenants don’t clean them which over time will result in reducing the efficiency of the vacuum system.

Contrary to some manufacturers claims none have achieved “true cyclonic” in which ALL filtration is achieved by centrifugal force and gravity to separate the debris from the intake air inlet although VacuMaid and Vacuflo come very close.

In sales literature the one often stated advantage of cyclonic filtration is that there are no disposable bags or filters to buy ⁄ replace. However unless filters are properly and regularly cleaned they will also need replacing or significant suction loss and pre-mature motor damage will occur.


Ametek Lamb, one of the largest manufacturers of quality vacuum motors state very specifically in their warranty that; “Typical signs of abuse (including) dirty motors, the failure of which was caused by inadequate filtration will not be considered in warranty claims”

In other words manufacturers of ducted ⁄ central vacuum systems are required to adequately protect the motor fan blades (impellers) from flying debris or risk having warranty claims rejected.

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