Vacuum systems which use disposable bags may restrict airflow a little more than cyclonic systems however this slight disadvantage is a small price to pay because a bag filtered system is a healthier method of filtration, as it collects 96 ­ 98% of debris.

In summary, every system needs good filtration to protect the motor. Whichever filtration system is used, screen, cloth, foam, paper bags etc reduces airflow to some degree. It is important therefore that a buyer selects a vacuum system that best protects the motor from being damaged whilst maximizing system air flow and suction.

Many systems used a primary filter (a cloth or paper bag) and a secondary filter (foam or fine mesh). The secondary filter is there to safeguard against a bag bursting and discharging debris into the filter ⁄ motor.

To counter the argument of having to buy replacement bags – (Bagged System)

1) It is far more economical to spend $20 ­ $30 per year on replacing disposal bags than to pay hundreds of dollars to prematurely replace a motor or motor brushes.

2) Simply disposing the bag is far healthier than inhaling the dust when emptying collection bins and to have to clean filters… Particularly important if anyone suffers from allergies!


Ametek Lamb, one of the largest manufacturers of quality vacuum motors state very specifically in their warranty that; “Typical signs of abuse (including) dirty motors, the failure of which was caused by inadequate filtration will not be considered in warranty claims”.

In other words manufacturers of ducted ⁄ central vacuum systems are required to adequately protect the motor fan blades (impellers) from flying debris or risk having warranty claims rejected.

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