Doctor Vacuum can service, repair and maintain all Vacu-Maid systems and ALL other ducted vacuum system brands in the greater Brisbane, Gold and Sunshine Coast areas. We will restore the suction back to the level it was when first installed or there is NO charge!

For anyone located outside our service area who can remove the power unit from the wall we offer a courier pick up, repair and return service. If required we can also upgrade an old ⁄ underperforming vacuum which has reached the end of its useful life… without disrupting the existing tubing system in your home!

We complement our vacuum repair ⁄ maintenance service with a wide range of vacuum tools, accessories and consumables to make cleaning easier, more efficient and perhaps a little more enjoyable.

A vacuum system like any electrical appliance can break down, sometimes at the most inopportune time… You never know when you may need our services!

For home owners who don’t currently have an inbuilt ducted ⁄ central vacuum system we can in many instances retro fit a workable system into an established home. If on a rare occasion this can’t be done we can install one or more self contained vacuum units thus deliver the benefits of a ducted ⁄ central vacuum system in any floor plan.

As long as there is adequate crawl space in your ceiling and voids in cupboards, pantries or linen closets then we can install a system for less than you think. There are many factors to be taken into account such as the size, type of your home and the length of tubing from the power unit (usually located in the garage) to the most distant wall inlet.

Sometimes the most expensive ⁄ most powerful system may not be the most suitable!

We are happy to consult with you on a NO OBLIGATION BASIS to explore your options and see if it is a viable exercise.

Remember; sometimes the most expensive, most powerful system may not be the most suitable!

 Customer Pledge:

1) To provide customers a prompt, courteous and professional vacuum repair service

2) To not only meet but exceed the expectations of our customers

3) To source vacuum cleaners only from manufacturers who produce quality products

4) To carry a comprehensive range of vacuum parts, tools, accessories and consumables

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Monthly Specials

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