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Shock from static electricity


Always have a qualified electrician inspect your vacuum if you have doubts about its electrical safety.

What is Static Electricity?

Static electricity is generated whenever certain materials are in contact with each other, especially when they rub against each other.

All materials have an electric charge in their atoms.

Inside the atoms there are equal amounts of negative electrical charge (electrons) and positive charge (protons) which generally will stay in balance.

However, when two materials are in contact, some of the charges redistribute by moving from one material to the other.

This leaves an excess of positive charge on one material, and an equal negative charge on the other.

When the materials separate, each takes the charge it has built up with it.

One material becomes charged positively, and the other negatively. When the charge is balanced out via an electrical discharge is when you feel an electric shock.

Static Electricity Shocks when using a vacuum cleaner:

When dust travels through a vacuum cleaner it impacts on the pipe walls and other internal parts.

These impacts generate static charges on the particles and on the pipe walls.

These parts can develop a charge if they are made from plastics or other insulating materials.

On occasion an operator may experience a “static electric shock” due to static build up whilst vacuuming.

A static shock can be a nuisance but are not generally not a health risk.

Static shocks can be enhanced by:

1) the type of floor surface e.g. Nylon in synthetic carpets are particularly good at generating static electricity

2) rubber soled shoes aid in the build-up of a static electrical charge in your body

3) cold dry weather, as static charge build up is enhanced when the air is dry; and

4) the chemical composition of a person’s body

To help minimize static discharge Doctor Vacuum recommends the following;

1) change operators clothes to natural fibers ie; Cotton

2) use leather soled shoes

3) use anti-static shoe covers

4) clean floors with anti-static dissipative products and

5) moisturize your skin by using hand lotion regularly

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