A quality vacuum system should last 15 - 20+ years; however a day will come when it will reach the end of its useful life.

At that point in time you will have to make a decision; that of spending $550+ on an old vacuum and get only a 12 month warranty on repairs and or parts or put that sizable amount of money towards a new cleaner, more powerful ⁄ efficient system.

When that day comes please give us a call; we will happily make the time to discuss your needs ⁄ options… NO obligation of course!

You never know when you will need our services!

 Customer Pledge:

1) To provide customers a prompt, courteous and professional vacuum repair service

2) To not only meet but exceed the expectations of our customers

3) To source vacuum cleaners only from manufacturers who produce quality products

4) To carry a comprehensive range of vacuum parts, tools, accessories and consumables

 Monthly Specials:

Monthly Specials

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Business Opportunities:


Business opportunities available in selected areas!

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 Contact Us:

Contact: Dean Benedetti


Phone: 0488 VAC UUM — 0488 822 886

Location: Cnr of Steel Street & Neumann Road,

Capalaba (Enter car park from Neumann Road)

Postal: P. O. Box 1635; Cleveland Qld 4163