When Is Clean Really Clean?

Carefully consider the following…

Dust that is recirculated in your home…

Most portable vacuums will simply re­circulate fine dust throughout your home, whereas a ducted ⁄ central vacuum system will remove 100% of vacuumed dust and exhaust it to the outside quietly and efficiently. The result… the indoor air quality improves and your home stays cleaner and healthier for longer.

Your family‚Äôs health…

As a ducted ⁄ central vacuum system exhausts 100% of vacuumed air from inside to the outside of the home they have been clinically proven to be able to reduce allergy symptoms substantially e.g;

Eye symptoms

By up to 61%

Sleep symptoms

By up to 44%

Nasal symptoms

By up to 47%

Clean your whole home… From floor to ceiling!

Most portable vacuums are limited in their use, ducted vacuum systems on the other hand are designed with strategically located wall inlets to enable you to reach all areas of your home… you can even groom your pets using your vacuum system (Most pets will let you as the noise is located in the garage).

Tiled or timber floors require more care to avoid damaging them…

Tiled or timber floors require vacuuming more often than carpeted areas because dust is not selective where it lands. Whilst carpeted areas tend to entrap and hide dirt from view, however fine dust on hard floors is more easily seen as it will lift and re-circulate around the home… especially when using a broom!

A wide range of accessories…

There are many, many accessories available for ducted/ central vacuum systems each designed to make the task of cleaning just that much easier, additionally these accessories are of a much higher quality than those supplied with portable cleaners.

Your safety and that of your family…

With a ducted system you simply insert the hose in the wall inlet and you can commence your vacuuming session. You will have all the power you need with no dangerous electrical cords to potentially trip over.

A Quieter Home…

A ducted ⁄ central vacuum system is located well away from the living areas most often in the garage or storeroom therefore family members will not be disturbed during vacuuming.

Powerful suction…

Quality ducted ⁄ central vacuum systems are fitted with much bigger ⁄ more powerful motors than portable vacuum cleaners and provide 3 — 5 times more suction.

Adds value to your home…

An installed ducted/ central vacuum system is regarded as an asset and will add value to your home. This will particularly beneficial when you choose to sell as it is an excellent selling feature.

Ducted ⁄ central vacuum systems will last 25 — 30 years…

As ducted ⁄ central vacuum systems are builtin they are less subject to damage through bumps ⁄ impacts ⁄ falls ⁄ wear and tear. It will require less cost to repair ⁄ maintain and will outlast a dozen portables.

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